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Luca Bordonaro is a versatile multidisciplinary artist hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Sicily. His purpose is to enthral audiences, guiding them on journeys through a realm of innovative and contemplative artistry. Luca blends elements of folkloric and contemporary music, intertwining the soulful resonance of the bass clarinet with live looping, electronic soundscapes, and intricate binaural sound design. The result is a tapestry of immersive experiences that defy conventional boundaries.

With a solid background in classical and contemporary music, Luca has honed his craft through extensive studies, earning three Master’s degrees and a Post-Master's program at Berklee College of Music. His collaborations span across European borders, resonating in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, USA, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, and Serbia.


He has played with numerous classical and contemporary orchestras as well as chamber ensembles, including the Lanciano Symphonic Orchestra (Italy), Orquestra Principe de Asturias (Portugal), Ensemble Contemporaine TM+ (Paris), Lautari (Italy), among others. He has also participated in festivals such as the GroundUp Music Fest (Miami), Aurora Fine Arts Festival (Sweden), Palo Market Fest (Spain), Malomfesztivál (Serbia), and performed and recorded with artists like C4 Trío, Magda Giannikou (Banda Magda), William Cepeda, Petros Klampanis,  Marcelo Woloski, Brian Potts, Walter Thompson, Gary Willis, Perico Sambeat, Victor Wooten, Patrice Rushen, 4-times Grammy-winning Michael League (Snarky Puppy), among others. Moreover, Luca’s skill set allowed him to serve Berklee College of Music, Valencia, the two times Grammy-winning C4 Trío, and Michael League's record label GroundUP Music as a photographer, videographer, marketing & business agent, and project manager.


Luca’s passion for poetic aesthetics and immersive experiences led him to explore other forms of artistic expression, such as photography, videography, and crafting multisensory experiences, leading to the creation of Effimero Production, a creative audiovisual studio. His repertoire includes the creative direction of videoclips and photoshoots, as well as the development of multisensory 360° VR experiences and an augmented reality app that fuses music with gastronomy.


Currently, Luca is crafting a solo live looping performance that blends organic and electronic textures, infused with world music and poetic storytelling. Additionally, Luca facilitates the transformative group workshop "Multisensory Storytelling," exploring the profound connection between our senses and life experiences, inviting us to savor, enrich, and elevate our existence.

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