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After many years of study in classical music and performing with symphonic orchestras and chamber ensembles, the experience at Berklee College of Music pushed me towards open experimentation.

My works bring binaural panning and sound design production techniques into the composition field, challenging the definition of genre and style. Here you can find some samples of my work!

Luca Bordonaro - Libellula - Single Cover

Libellula is a DIY production that I composed, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered. Bass clarinet stacks and homemade percussion from bins and light reflectors, etc.! 


Even a little wave of energy, like a dragonfly flying, can someday encounter us and create such powerful realizations. If we practice being connected with the environment around us, life suddenly gets tastier and more colorful!

Luca Bordonaro - Femme Noire - Single Cover

Femme Noire, is a piece created in 2018, in occasion of the Black History Month. It is a celebration, through the words of the poet and former president of Senegal Léopold Sédar Senghor, of the concept of Negritude.

Style: Spoken words and Sonic Storytelling, where sonic environments support the imagery of the poem, augmenting the aural experience

Luca Bordonaro - Misconceived Realities - Single Cover

Misconceived Realities, a dystopian piece that highlights how human distress at the beginning of the Covid pandemic was not caused by the virus, but by fear!

Style: Sonic Storytelling, where sounds merge with each other, creating sonic environments and bringing you on a new kind of journey

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Other projects

Sound Design Sample - Dr. Strange

Sound Design Sample - Dr. Strange

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