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Project: Narrativas Multisensoriales

Narrativas Multisensoriales delves deep into the realm of multisensory mindfulness, guiding participants on a captivating voyage of self-discovery. Our mission is to reveal the profound influence of sensory experiences on your emotions and overall well-being.


Dive into a world of sensations as we embark on a unique, hands-on experience. Reconnect with your inner self through explorations with recycled objects, where creativity knows no bounds.

Collective improvisations will weave these objects into vibrant sonic landscapes to accompany carefully chosen poems.

It is a highly versatile workshop with a core focus on self-discovery through a sensory journey. It offers the flexibility to begin with an initial nature-cleaning activity or enhance the multisensory mindfulness exercises by integrating cutting-edge generative AI, VR, and AR technologies.

This approach creates a stimulating journey that encompasses the full spectrum of the human experience, from our connection with nature to our role in society, and towards the boundless possibilities of innovative technology.

Narrativas Multisensoriales - Trailer
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Voice: Maria José Payà
Video: Daniela Martínez
Editing & Color: Luca Bordonaro


2019-PS695-lbordonaro-Exposition 2.jpg
"Terrific, such an interesting experience!"
- Clara
"The connection between sensoriality and emotions is fascinating, and the workshop was a lot of fun!"
- David

Photos from: Beneixama

Photos: Daniela Martínez
Editing & Color: Luca Bordonaro

Session from: UPV Gandía

Photos & video: Daniela Martínez
Editing & Color: Luca Bordonaro