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Project: Narrativas Multisensoriales

The concept of multisensory mindfulness inspired the creation of the project


Narrativas Multisensoriale (=Multisensory Storytelling)


The goal of this workshop is to help participants better understand themselves and the impact of sensory experiences on their emotions and overall well-being.


During the workshop, participants will engage in multisensory mindfulness exercises to reconnect with their inner selves. We will also explore recycled objects, using them to create collective improvisations which will be the sonic landscapes accompanying a selected poem.


Narrativas Multisensoriales can also incorporate 360° VR and AR, for a cutting-edge and stimulating experience!

Narrativas Multisensoriales - Universitat de Valencia, Gandia
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Video: Daniela Martínez
Editing & Color: Luca Bordonaro
2019-PS695-lbordonaro-Exposition 2.jpg

"Terrific, such an interesting experience!"

- Clara

"The connection between sensoriality and emotions is fascinating, and the workshop was a lot of fun!"

- David

Photos from: Digital Jove

Photos: Daniela Martínez
Editing & Color: Luca Bordonaro